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Before electroplating, it is necessary to use appropriate methods for effective cleaning based on the actual situation of the workpiece. Metal substrates are generally divided into stamped parts and die castings. The oil stains on the stamped parts are ordinary stamping oil, which is easy to clean due to its high density. Generally, acid washing, electrolysis, etc. can be used. Zinc, aluminum, copper, and other die-casting parts are relatively difficult to clean due to the addition of various elements in the die-casting. In addition, various oil products such as engine oil and polishing oil must be used in the process of forming, pulling, rolling, cutting, and polishing.



Regarding ultrasonic cleaning machines, oil can be easily removed. But polishing oil is divided into butter white oil, green oil, etc., which is difficult to remove. Therefore, it is necessary to select suitable ultrasonic cleaning equipment and cleaning solution.


The ultrasound frequency is generally between 20-100KHZ. The pre-treatment of general workpieces generally uses low-frequency, medium power ultrasonic cleaning equipment, such as a frequency of 25-28KHZ and a power density of 1W/cm. Due to the tendency of cavitation to occur in the medium at low frequencies compared to high frequencies, ultrasonic cleaning can meet the requirements for workpieces with simple and not very precise shapes. The characteristic is high noise and low price. For some high-precision workpieces, the commonly used ones are high-frequency 40-68KHZ high-power ultrasonic cleaning machines. Therefore, this type of cleaning machine has a better cleaning effect on workpieces with complex surface shapes such as gaps, gaps, deep holes, and blind holes. But the effect of ultrasonic cleaning can only be achieved when the solution reaches the area. It also means that air should be prevented in deep and blind holes, and attention should be paid to the phenomenon of impurities falling, oil floating, and inadequate disposal and cleaning.









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